Start of KMR#7: photograph: Peter Lowndes

Welcome to the new webpages of the KMR Series
The KMR Series is a collection of 12 races, 4 of which are organised by each of Kimberworth Striders, Maltby Running Club and Rotherham Harriers & AC.
The events are all held in or around Rotherham, South Yorkshire and the season stretches typically from March to December.
Some key points:
• We welcome all clubs and all runners affiliated or not
• Each race is a race in it's own right, there may be different awards etc
• The entry costs will typically be the same
• Whilst being seriously competitive, they are very friendly events
• Very low cost of entry for such well-organised races
• Entry allowed on the day/evening
• Distances typically from 4 miles up to around 8
• Refreshments provided after eg sandwiches, rolls, chips, ....
• Series awards open and 5-year vet groups
• Suits all standards; suits beginners